NYC Streets


This list of sources is divided into five parts, as follows:

Among published works, the two most comprehensive sources of information on old New York street names are John J. Post’s Old Streets (1882) and I. N. Phelps Stokes’  The Iconography of Manhattan Island (1915-1928).

The three earliest documents listing city street names are the de Sille list of 1660, the Nicolls list of 1665, and the Selyns list of 1686.  For the 18th Century there are several good maps of the city  (see below), but some unique information on street names is listed in du Simitière’s notes of 1767.  All four of these lists are reprinted in Stokes.

Among unpublished sources used for this Guide, particularly for dates of name changes, the most important was the “Streets” card file in the Topographical Bureau of the Manhattan Borough President’s Office. 

Maps and Atlases

Many of the maps listed below are reproduced in Stokes’ Iconography or in Cohen & Augustyn or both.  Numerous important historical maps can also be viewed on two excellent websites maintained, respectively, by the New York Public Library ( and the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (  Both sites have pan and zoom features.


Adams, John Wolcott, and I.N. Phelps Stokes.  Redraft of the Castello Plan New Amsterdam in 1660.  [See under Courtelyou below.]  In Stokes vol. 2 as frontispiece, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 40-41.


Anonymous.  [Known as the Manatus Map]  Manatus Gelegen op de Noot Rivier.  [1639, original lost]  Copies, drawn ca. 1665-70, now in Library of Congress and in Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence.  Reproduced in Stokes (vol. 1 pl. 3, vol. 2, C. pl. 41 & 42) and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 28-31.

__________.  [Known as the Nicolls Map]  The towne of New-York.  [ca. 1664-1668].  Original in British Library, London.  Reproduced in Stokes vol.1, pl. 10 A, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 52-53.

__________.  [Known as the British Headquarters Map]  Untitled topographical map of entire island of Manhattan, ca. 1782.  Original in Public Record Office, London.  Facsimile, London:  B.F. Stevens, 1900, reproduced in Stokes vol. 1, pl. 50.  Reproduction in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 84-87, is from original.

Atwood, John M.  Map of the city of New York : with the adjacent cities of Brooklyn & Jersey City, & the village of Williamsburg / drawn & engraved by John M. Atwood, 145 Fulton St., N.Y.   New York:  Ensigns & Thayer, 1848. [web:  nypl]

Beers, Frederick W.  1872.  Map of central portions of the cities of New York and Brooklyn.  In State atlas of New Jersey.  New York:  Beers, Comstock & Cline, 1872.  Shows Manhattan to 114th Street.  [web:  rumsey]

Bernhard, Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.  Plan von der Stadt New-York from Reise Sr. Hoheit des herzogs Bernhard zu Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach durch Nord-Amerika in den Jahren 1825 und 1826.  Weimar:  W. Hoffman, 1828.  [web:  nypl]

Bradford, Thomas G.  1838.  New York.  Boston:  Weeks, Jordan and Co., and New York:  Wiley & Putnam, 1838.  From an atlas.  Shows Manhattan streets to about 50th Street, including portions of some of the old roads.  [web:  rumsey]

Bridges, Joseph F.  [Map of area burned by fire of December 16-17, 1835, showing old and new street lines.]  In Stokes vol. 5, pl. 69.

Bridges, William.  Plan of the city of New-York with the recent and intended improvements / drawn from actual survey by William Bridges, city surveyor, A.D. 1807. Engraved by Peter Maverick.  From Mitchell's picture of New-York, or, the traveller's guide, through the commercial metropolis of the United States.  New York:  Isaac Riley, 1807.   This is Bridges’ pirated version of the 1803 Mangin-Goerck Plan.  In Cohen & Augustyn,  pp. 96-99.  [web:  nypl.  Parts of the nypl web image are out of alignment.]

Bridges, William.  This map of the city of New York and island of Manhattan as laid out by the commissioners.  New York:  William Bridges, 1811.  This is Bridges’ pirated version of the Commissioners’ Plan.  In Stokes vol. 3, pl. 80b and pp. 542-549.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 100-105.

Bromley, G.W.  Atlas of the entire City of  New York complete in one volume.  New York:  Geo. W. Bromley & E. Robinson, 1879.

Bromley, George W. and Walter S. Bromley, 1891.  Atlas of the city of New York / Manhattan island from actual surveys and official plans..  Philadelphia:  G. W. Bromley & Co., 1891.  [web:  rumsey]

Bromley, G. W. & Co.  Atlas of the borough of Manhattan, pocket and desk ed,. 1912.  New York:  G.W. Bromley & Co. 1921. 

__________.  Atlas of the borough of Manhattan.  Philadelphia:  G.W. Bromley & Co. 1921. 

__________.  Atlas of the borough of Manhattan.  Philadelphia:  G. W. Bromley & Co. 1934

Buchnerd, Mrs. [?].  Plan of the city of New York in the year 1735.  Original in New York Public Library, I.N. Phelps Stokes Collection.  Reproduced in Stokes vol. 1, pl. 30, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp 60-61.  The latter authors attribute the plan to Mrs. Buchnerd,  whose name is written in a corner of the drawing.  Stokes thought she was simply the original owner.

Burr, David H.,  Map of the city and county of New York : with the adjacent country / by David H. Burr.  New York:  Simeon De Witt, 1831. [web:  nypl]

__________.  Map of the city of New-York / drawn by D.H. Burr, for New York as it is, in 1834.  New York:  John Disturnell, [1834]. [web:  nypl]

__________.  Map of the city of New-York / drawn by D.H. Burr, for New York as it is, in 1838  New York:  John Disturnell, [1838]. [web:  nypl]

__________.  City of New York.  New-York : Published by J.H. Colton & Co., [1840]

Carwitham, J.  [engraver]  A plan of the city of New York.  [ca. 1730; printed ca. 1740]  Reproduced in Stokes vol. 1, pl. 27-A, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 57-59.

Cohen, Paul E., and Robert T. Augustyn.  Manhattan in Maps, 1527-1995.  New York:  Rizzoli International Books, 1997.  Contains very good color reproductions and valuable background information on nearly all of the most important early maps of Manhattan.

Colton, J. H. & Co. (publisher)  Topographical map of the city and county of New-York, and the adjacent country / with views in the border of the principal buildings, and interesting scenery of the island.  [David Burr, cartographer]  New York, J. H. Colton & Co., 1836.  In Stokes, vol 3, pl. 124, and Cohen & Augustyn, pp, 120-121.  Also on both the nypl and david rumsey websites.  The latter is a better copy.

__________.  Map of the city of New York : with the adjacent cities of Brooklyn & Jersey City & the village of Williamsburg.  New York, J.H. Colton & Co., 1843.   Main map shows Manhattan to 32nd Street.  Balance of island shown in a smaller-scale inset.   [nypl]

__________.  Map of New York and the adjacent cities.  New York, J.H. Colton & Co., 1856.   From an atlas.  Main map shows Manhattan to 86th Street.  Balance of island shown in a smaller-scale inset.   [david rumsey]

Courtelyou, Jacques.  [The Castello Plan]  Afbeeldinge van de Stadt Amsterdam in Nieuw Neederland.t  The original of this important map, made in 1660, has been lost.  A copy, drawn ca. 1665-70, is in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence, Italy.  Reproductions and analysis in Stokes vol. 1, pl. 10A-b, vol. 2, C pl. 82 and 82-a thru 82-e.  In Cohen & Augustyn,  pp. 39-41.  See also Adams & Stokes, above.

Croes, J. James R.  The west side of the City of New York : between Eighth Avenue and Hudson River from Fifty-Ninth Street to One Hundred and Fifty-Fifth Street : showing graphically the existing condition of all real estate as regards all public improvements, with an appendix giving the dates of the confirmation of the assessment for each improvement.  New York:  Croes & Van Winkle, civil engineers, 1878.

Croton Aqueduct Board.  [ca. 1842]   Map of the Croton water pipes with the stop cocks.  New York:  [Croton Water Department, between 1842 and 1845.]  Original in New-York Historical Society.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp.118-119.

de Lancey, James [?].  James de Lancey’s MS map or plan of his Bowery Farm in the City of New York as it was at the time of the Revolution:  reduced facsimile of the original in the possession of Edward F. de Lancey.  In Jones 1879.

Department of City Planning (N.Y.C.)  Block & lot maps / Manhattan Community District…Atlas.  Twelve atlases, one for each community district.  New York:  the Department, 1989.

Desobry, P.  [lithographer]  To be sold by James Bleecker & Sons on Wednesday the 22nd of July 1835 at 12 o'clock at the Mercants' Exchange : by order executors & trustees of will of Jacob Schieffelin, decd.  [New York] : P. Desobry's Lithy., [1835].

Desobry, P.  [publisher]  The Firemen’s Guide.  Map of the City of New York showing the fire districts, fire limits, hydrants, public cisterns, stations of engines, hooks & ladders, hose carts &c / P. Desobry, under the direction of U. Wenman.  New York:  P. Desobry, 1834.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp.116-117

Doggett, John  [publisher]  Map of the City of New York.  New York:  J. Doggett, Jr. 1848.  [nypl]

Dripps, Matthew (publisher).  [The Dripps Map, lower part]  Map of the City of New-York extending northward to Fiftieth St./ surveyed and drawn by John F. Harrison, C. E..  New York:  M. Dripps 1851.  In Stokes, vol. 3, Pl. 138 and pp. 706-707.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 124-125.  [david rumsey]

__________.  [The Dripps Map, upper part]  Map of that part of the City and County of  New-York north of Fiftieth St./ surveyed and drawn by H. A. Jones, C.E.  New York, M. Dripps 1851.   In Stokes, Vol. 3, Pl. 138A and p. 707.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 126-127.  [david rumsey]

__________  Map of New-York and vicinity.  New York:  M. Dripps, 1863.  Shows Manhattan to 135th Street.  [david rumsey]

__________.  Plan of the City of New York from the Battery to Spuyten Duyvil Creek.  Randall & Blackwell and J.F. Harrison, surveyors.  New York:  Matthew Dripps, 1867.

Ensign, T. & E. H. (publisher).  City of New York.  New York:  T & E.H. Ensign, 1845.  [nypl]

Evetts, James.  A map or chart of a certain tract of land commonly call’d the shoemakers land... 1696.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 24. 

Ewen, Daniel.  [Untitled map of Battery Park]  1827.  Original in Topographical Bureau, Office of the Borough President of Manhattan.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 112-113.  Twenty-one years later Ewen drew the plan for enlargement of the Park to nearly its present dimensions (see below). 

__________.  [Proposed enlargement of the present Battery] / surveyed by Daniel Ewen, city surveyor, Septbr. 1848.  From Report in favor of the enlargement of the Battery ... N.Y.C., Board of Assistant Aldermen, Oct. 9, 1848.  New York:  McSpedon & Baker, stationers, No. 25 Pine Street, [1848]  [nypl]

Goodrich, A T.  A map of the City of New York.  1827.  Main map shows Manhattan to about 34th Street.  Remainder of the island plus adjacent areas are shown in an inset at a much smaller scale.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 114-115.

__________.  A map of the City of New York.  1836.  Same coverage as above, updated.  In Stoke, vol. 3, Pl. 99.

__________.  Plan of the city of New York and of the island : as laid out by the commissioners, altered and arranged to the present time / engraved by J.F. Morin.   Main map shows streets up to 86th Street.  Balance of island and adjacent area are shown in a smaller-scale inset.  New York, A.T. Goodrich, 1828.  [nypl]

Grim, David.  A plan of the city and environs of New York as they were in the years 1742-1743 and 1744.  Drawn by D[avid] G{rim] in the 76th year of his age who had at that time a perfect recollection of every part of the same.  New York, 1813.  Original in New-York Historical Society.  Reproduced in Stokes vol. 1, pl. 32-a, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 62-63.

Hagstrom [Map] Company.  Pocket atlas and general information guide of the city of New York: five boroughs…New York:  Hagstrom,  ca. 1957.

__________.  Atlas and official postal zone guide of New York; five boroughs:  Manhattan,  New York:  Hagstrom Company,  ca.  1961.

__________.  Same as above.  Titles vary slightly, editions of 1957, 1967,1975, 1978, 1989.  Editions from 1982 on have Maspeth, N.Y. imprint.

__________.  Hagstrom map of Manhattan.  Maspeth, N.Y.:  Hagstrom Map Company, 1985.

Hamilton Aerial Map Service.  Hamilton aerial map of Manhattan.  New York:  Hamilton Aerial Map Service, 1929.

Hayward, George.  Map of the city of New York, 1850 / drawn for D.T. Valentine's Manual 1850, by G. Hayward.   [New York : s.n., 1850] (N.Y. : [Lith. of G.] Hayward, 180 Fulton St.)

__________.  Map of Harlem heights and plain, 1814 / lithograph from the original by G.Hayward for    showing works to defend the pass at Manhattanville during the War of 1812-15.  In Valentine’s Manual for 1856.

Hills, John.  Plan of the city of New York and its environs. [“This plan was surveyed in 1782 and drawn in 1785 by John Hills”] Reproduced in Valentine’s Manual , 1848.

Hinton, John.  [publisher]  A plan of the city and environs of New York in North America [1776].   In Universal magazine, vol. 59, Nov. 1776.  [nypl]

Holland, [John Jos.?]  A plan of the city of New York.  Inset to a larger map entitled:  The provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania, and the province of Quebec. / Drawn by Major Holland, surveyor general of the northern district in America.  Corrected and improved, from the original materials, by Governr. Pownall, member of Parliament, 1776.  London:  Robert Sayer and John Bennett, 1776.  The Holland plan is not reproduced in Stokes but is briefly described in vol. 1, p. 343.  Only the major’s surname is shown on the map.  Stokes index identifies him as John Joseph Holland but the NYPL catalog credits the map to Samuel Holland, a surveyor also mentioned in Stokes, who was active in New York about the same time.  .  [nypl]

Holmes, J.B.  Map of part of the Stuyvesant property known as the Petersfield farm together with the adjoining properties.  New York:  J. B. Holmes, September 1866.


Holmes, J. B.  Map of the Glass House Farm, also the Schroepple, Ray and other estates down to the Franklin & Robinson and the widow Mary Clarke and Thomas B. Clarke, accurately made from reliable records  New York:  J.B. Holmes, January 1873.  Note that the Schroepple of the title is spelled Schroepel on the map itself and Schroeppel in the list of conveyances printed in the margin.

Hooker, William.  Hooker's new pocket plan of the city of New York / compiled & surveyed by William Hooker, A.C.S.A., hydrographer & engraver.  New-York:  W. Hooker, 1824.  [nypl]

__________.  Same title as above.  New-York:  W. Hooker, 1829.  [rumsey]

__________.  Same title as above.  New-York:  W. Hooker, 1833.  [rumsey]

__________.  Same title as above.  New-York:  W. Hooker, 1838.  [nypl]

__________.  Map of the City of New-York, compiled and surveyed by William Hooker expressly for the series of views illustrating the city of New-York and its environs.  New York, Peabody & Co.,  1831.

Hutchings, John (publisher).  A view of Collect Pond and its vicinity in the City of New York in 1793….  Williamsburgh, L. Island:  John Hutchings, 1846.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 58-b.  [nypl]

Hyde, E. Belcher.  Miniature atlas of the borough of Manhattan in one volume.  Brooklyn:  E.B. Hyde, 1912.

Johnston, Henry P. 1897.  Plan of the Battle of Harlem Heights.  Reproduced in Mott 1908.

Kemble, William.  City of New-York / W. Kemble.  New York:  Edward Walker, [1848].  [nypl]

Lloyd, J. T.  Lloyd’s mammoth map of the business portion of New York City.  New York and London:  J. T. Lloyd, 1867.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 140-141.

Lyne, James.  A plan of the city of New York from an actual survey made by Iames Lyne.  New York:  William Bradford, 1731.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 27; and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 54-56.

Maerschalck, Francis.  A plan of the City of New York from an actual survey anno domini M, DCC, LV.  New York:  Gerardus Duyckinck, 1755.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 34, and  in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 64-65.

__________.  A plan of the City of New York from an actual survey by T. Maerschalkin [sic], 1763.  Reproduced in Valentine’s Manual for 1850.  Photostatic copy in municipal archives.

Mangin, Joseph F., and Casimir Goerck.  [The Mangin-Goerck Plan]  Plan and regulation of the City of New York made from actual survey by Casimir Th. Gorreck [sic] and Joseph Fr. Mangin, city surveyors by order of the Common Council, and protracted by Joseph Fr. Mangin, Anno Domini 1800.  New York:  Peter Maverick, 1803.  See Stokes vol. 1, pl. 70 and pp. 454-455;  and Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 96-98.  See also Bridges 1807.

McCarthy, Jennie F.  Map of the original grants and farms.  In Stokes vol. 6, pl. 84B-a through 84Bpg.

McComb, John, Jr.  Plan of the City of New York.   In New York directory and register for the Year 1789.  New York:  Hodge, Allen & Campbell, 1789.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 90-93.

Meyer, Joseph.  Plan von New-York, 1844.  In Grosser Hand-Atlas über alle Theile der Erde in 170 Karten.  Herausgegeben von J. Meyer.  Hildburghausen [Thuringen]:  Verlag des bibliographischen Instituts zu Hildburghausen, 1860.  [david rumsey]

Miller, John.  New York [1695].  Original in British Library, London.  Reproduced in Stokes vol. 1, pl. 23-a, and in Cohen & Augustyn pp. 52-53.  See under Books, etc. for Miller’s accompanying description.

Miller & Co. (lithographer)  Valuable property in the 11th ward of the city of New York : to be sold at auction by George B. Rollins on Thursday, 25th March 1847, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange.  New York:  Miller & Co.[?], 1847.  [nypl]

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus.  Plan of New York &c .  In Mitchell’s new general atlas….  Philadelphia:  S. A. Mitchell, Jr., 1860.  [rumsey]

Montrésor, John.   A plan of the city of New-York & its environs : to Greenwich, on the North or Hudsons River, and to Crown Point, on the East or Sound River, shewing the several streets, publick buildings, docks, fort & battery, with the true form & course of the commanding grounds, with and without the town : survey'd in the winter, 1766.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 40, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 70-72.  [ nypl.]

Morin, J. F.  See Goodrich, A. T.

Morse, Sidney E., and Samuel Breese.  City of New York.  In Morse’s North American atlas.  New York:  Harper & Brothers, 1845.  [david rumsey]

Nicholson, Francis.  Public squares, parks and places.  [1838] reproduced in Valentine’s Manual for 1850. 

Perris, William.  Maps of the city of New York surveyed under the directions of insurance companies of said city.  New York:  Perris & Browne, 1857-62.  A sample plate from the 1853 first edition of these maps is reproduced in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 128-129.

Poppleton, Tho[mas] H.  Plan of the City of New York / the greater part made from actual survey made expressly for the purpose (the rest from authentic documents) by Tho. H. Poppleton, City Surveyor.  1817.  Reproduced in Valentine’s Manual for 1855.

Poppleton, Thomas, et al..  See under Manuscript Materials..

Rand McNally and Company. 1897.  Map of New York City in Rand, McNally & Co.’s. indexed Atlas of the world.  Chicago Rand, McNally & Co. 1897.

__________.  The heart of New York, Grand Central Terminal.  In  A guide to New York issued by New York Central Lines.  New York & Chicago:  Rand, McNally & Co.1918.  Main map shows entire island with all streets labeled.  B, C, D, and F Streets are in wrong order.  Other errors include “Ishman” for Isham.  [david rumsey]

Randel, John, Jr.   [The Commissioner’s Plan]  A map of the City of New York by the commissioners appointed by an act of the legislature passed April 3, 1807.  An MS original, one of three, is in New York Public Library.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 79, and Cohen & Augustyn,  pp. 100-105.

__________.  [The Randel Farm Map]  See below under manuscripts.

Ratzer, Bernard  [The Ratzen Plan]  To his excellency Sr. Henry Moore, Bart., captain general and governour in chief in & over the province of New York & the territories depending thereon in America, chancellor & vice admiral of the same, this plan of the city of New York is most humbly inscribed / by his excellency's most obedient servant, Bern'd Ratzen [sic], lieut't in the 60th Reg't., surveyed in 1767.  London:  Jefferys and Faden, 1776.  This is the earlier and smaller (23 x 33 in.) of two maps prepared by Ratzer  It shows the area up to about the present 14th Street.  Called the Ratzen plan because of the misspelling of Ratzer’s name by the engraver.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 42; and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp 73-77.  [nypl]

Ratzer, Bernard.  [The Ratzer Map]  Plan of the city of New York in North America : surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767 / B. Ratzer, lieutt. in his majestys 60th or Royal American Regt. ; Thos. Kitchin, sculpt., engraver to his late royal highness, the Duke of York, &c.  London:  Jefferys and Faden, 1776.  A slightly later and larger (35 x 47 in.) version of the preceding map, it shows Manhattan up to about the present 50th Street as well as parts of Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey.  Has additional detail including some street names not on the earlier map.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 41, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 73-77.  [nypl]

Robinson, E[lisha], and R[oger] H. Pidgeon.  Atlas of the City of New York embracing all territory within its corporate limits.    New York:  E. Robinson, 1885. 

__________.   Atlas of the City of New York.  Vol. Two:  Embracing the 12th Ward.  3rd ed.  New York:  E. Robinson, 1890.

Sackersdorf, Otto.  Maps of farms, commonly called the blue book 1815.  Drawn from the originalNew York:  1868.  Republished by E. Robinson, New York, 1887.

__________.  Map of the City of New York…showing the streets, avenues, roads, public squares and places   laid out and established by the board of commissioners of the Central Park by and under authority of chapter 697 of the laws of the State of New York, passed April 24, 1867.  Part I, 59th to 155th Street, 1868.  Part II, above 155th Street, 1872.  New York[?]:  s.n. [1868-72].

Sanborn Map Company.  Map of New York City south of Bleecker St. showing the dry goods district / January 1913.  [New York?]  Sanborn Map Co.  ca. 1913.

__________.  Manhattan land book of the City of New York.  Pelham, N. Y:  Sanborn Map Co., Inc.  1955 (updated to 1975)

Serrell & Perkins  (publisher)  New map of the city of New York.  New York:  Serrell & Perkins, 1850.  [nypl]

Smith, Edwin.  Map showing the old farms from 4th to 28th Street, east of 6th Avenue, New York/ compiled from authentic documents by Edwin Smith, city surveyor, 1831.  New York:  R. D. Cooke, [ca. 1870?] [nypl]

Smith, Edwin.  Map of the real estate in the city of New York : between the south side of Washington Parade, 4th St., and the north side of Bellevue, 28th Street / compiled from authentic documents by Edwin Smith, city surveyor, 1831  [nypl].

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain).  New York.  In Maps of the Society for Useful Knowledge, Vol. 1.    London, Chapman and Hall, 1844.  [david rumsey]

Spielmann & Brush (firm).  Certified copies of original maps of property in New York City filed in the Register’s Office and elsewhere, together with the Register’s index to maps and important notes regarding the same.  Hoboken, N.J.:  Spielmann & Brush, civil engineers, 1881

Stokes, Isaac Newton Phelps,  The Iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909.  6 vols.  New York:  Robert H. Dodd, 1915-1928.  Stokes was an architect (e.g., of St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University), a philanthropist, and an avid collector of historical prints and maps.  The Iconography, conceived as a catalogue of that collection, evolved into a 4,000-page comprehensive survey of the city’s history and historiography as well as iconography over four centuries.  The Stokes collection itself is now in the New York Public Library.  Stokes provides sources for most of the street names listed in his index; as well as dates of many official actions relating to streets, such as accessions, openings and name changes.

Tanner, Henry Schenck.  New-York.   From The American traveller, or, tourists' and emigrants' guide through the United States.  New York:  T. R. Tanner, 1844. [nypl]

__________.  City of New York  in  Tanner’s New Universal Atlas.  Philadelphia:  Henry S. Tanner, 1836. [david rumsey]

Taylor, Benjamin, and John Roberts.  A new and accurate plan of the City of New York in the State of New York in North America.  Published in 1797.  New York?  s.n.  1797.  In Stokes vol. 1, pl. 64, and in Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 94-95.  The Taylor-Roberts plan can also be viewed on the nypl website, although it is not one of the listed images.  It can be found on the lower part of the image for the Wilson "Great Metropolis" plan, DI 434567. 

Valentine, David T.  (editor)  Map[s] of the City of New York   Each edition of Valentine’s Manual [see below under Common Council] contained a current map of the city, usually as a frontispiece.  The maps reviewed in the preparation of this Guide were those for the years 1850-56, 1858, 1861, 1864-66, and 1868-70.  The last three editions of the manual were edited by Joseph Shannon.

Valentine, David T.  Map of the original grants of village lots from the Dutch West India Company to the inhabitants of New Amsterdam (New York) lying below the present Wall Street; located by David T. Valentine, clerk of the Common Council of the City of New York, A.D. 1857.  In Valentine’s Manual for 1857. 

Viele, Egbert L.  Sanitary and topographical map of the city and island of New York prepared for the Council of Hygiene and Public Health of the Citizens’ Association of New York upon the sanitary condition of the city.  New York:  D. Appleton & Co. 1865.  In Stokes vol. 3, pl. 155-b.  [david rumsey]

_________.  Topographical map of the City of New York, showing original water courses and made land.  A different edition of the preceding, probably intended for sale separate from the Citizens’ Association report.  In Cohen & Augustyn, pp. 136-139.

Völker, D.  Map of the City of New-York with part of Brooklyn and Williamsburgh : population in the year 1850: 450,000 inhabitants.  New York:  Edward Schuberth & Co., [1850?].  [nypl]

Watson, Gaylord.  Watson’s new map of New York and adjacent cities.  New York:  Gaylord Watson, 1874.  Shows entire island and adjacent areas.  [david rumsey]

Wilson, H. (publisher).  The great metropolis in 1804.  Probably an inset from a larger map of this publisher.  New York?, H. Wilson?, 1851? [nypl]

Winthrop, Benjamin Robert.  Map of the Stuyvesant estate, reproduced in Valentine’s Manual for 1862.  See also Winthrop under Books, etc.


Directories, Street Indexes and Guidebooks

American District Telegraph Co.  General directory and tariff book.  New York:  ADT Co.  1879.

__________.  The same, editions of 1884 and 1891.

Appleton, D., & Co.  Appletons’ dictionary of New York and its vicinity.  14th year.   New York:  D. Appleton & Co., 1892

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__________ . Same title as above, editions of 1848-49, 1849-50 and 1850-51.

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New York, Wehman Bros., 1910.

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__________.  Same as above, editions of 1860, 1867, 1880, 1882-83.


Manuscript Material

Anon.  [1937]  Typescript dated January 5, 1937 in  loose-leaf binder labeled “History of Old Streets”in Topographical Bureau, Office of the Borough President of Manhattan.


Bancker, Evert, et al.  Bancker papers.  In Manuscripts and Rare Books Division, New York Public Library.  Stokes makes numerous references to the Bancker papers but the papers have since been reorganized and Stokes’ citations can no longer be followed.  The principal items used in the preparation of this guide are listed below with their current box and folder numbers. 

“Survey of Lots between Amity St. and D. Jones Land.”  (Box 1, folder 1-5.)

“Survey of Delancey’s Ground.”  (Box 1, folder 31-35.)

“Sketch for General Plan of Capt. de Lancey’s Ground.”  (Box 1, folder 31-35)

“Draught of Sam’l Bayard’s ground near the Bowling Green.”  March 27, 1787.  (Box 1, folder 36-37)

“Survey of land west of Broad Way from Amity Street to Sandy Hill Road.”  (Box 2, folder 46-47) 

Survey of “N.Bayard Lots Contiguos [sic] to his Barn & Garden, dated April 15, 1795.  (Box 2, folder 48-50)


Borough President of Manhattan  (N.Y.C.)  “Street Name Changes” [2003?]  A five-page printout of Manhattan street name changes from 1975 to 2002.  Nearly all are honorary designations, generally of a single block, which in practice do not change the name of the underlying street


__________.  Card file of street names in Topographical Bureau.  Gives historical information, often  including date of official actions, for most street names in Manhattan.


Douglas, A.M.  “New names and changes in street names in Borough of Manhattan – New York City, N.Y.  Office of the Borough President of Manhattan.  October 17, 1945.  [Typescript in N-YHS]

Loss, Adolphus.  Manhattanville as surveyed and laid out into lots by Adolphus Loss and divided among the proprietors, and some lots sold or leased / A copy.  Charles Furman City Surveyor.  Date of copy unknown.  Loss’ original survey was made in 1806.  Topographical Bureau Accession No. 171. 

Municipal Reference Library [“City Hall Library].  Card file of street names.  Includes information on street-name origins and changes for most of the named streets in the five boroughs.


Poppleton, Thomas, Charles [?] Loss and William Bridges.  East River Shore:  Battery and 26th Street.  Manuscript map on 18 sheets, bound as atlas.  1810-1814.  In Topographical Bureau, Office of the Borough President of Manhattan.  Accession No. 150.

Poppleton, Thomas, and William Bridges.  North River Shore:  Battery and 75th Street.  Manuscript map on 17 sheets, bound as atlas.  1810 and 1812.  In Topographical Bureau, Office of the Borough President of Manhattan.  Accession No. 151.

Randel, John, Jr.  [The Randel Farm Map]  The City of New York as laid out by the commissioners appointed by an act of the Legislature passed 3rd April 1807 consisting of 92 maps in four volumes laid down on a scale of 100 feet to the inch by their secretary and surveyor John Randel Junr [sig.] 1820.  The original pen and ink and watercolor maps were until recently in the Topographical Bureau, Office of the Borough President of Manhattan, but have been removed for restoration.  Full-size photostats of the maps are in the Map Division of the New York Public Library.  A composite map, at a greatly reduced scale, is reproduced in Stokes vol. 3, Pl. 86.  A sample sheet is reproduced in Cohen & Augustyn pp. 110-111.  .

Books, Articles and Other Publications

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Borough President of Manhattan.  Reports on the market system.  New York:  [Office of the Borough President]  1915.


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Board of Commissioners of the Central Park.   Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Central Park for the year ending December 31, 1867.  New York  [William C. Bryant & Co.] 1868.

__________.  The same for the years ending December 31, 1868 and December 31, 1869.

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__________,  Second Annual Report of   , for the year ending May 1, 1872.  New York:  William C. Bryant & Co., 1872.

__________,  Third General Report of …, 1872-1873.  New York, William C. Bryant & Co., 1875. 

Common Council of the City of New York.    Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York.  Annual, published for the years 1841-42 through 1870, except 1867.  Generally  known as Valentine’s Manuals.  The manuals for 1841-42 through 1866 were compiled by David T. Valentine;  those for 1868 through 1870 by Joseph. Shannon.  They were profusely illustrated with both current and historical maps and views.  Editions consulted in the preparation of this Guide were those for 1848 and for 1850 through 1870.

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Department of Public Markets.  Annual Reports for the years 1923, 1927 thru 1929, 1934 and 1953.

Devoe, Thomas F..  The market book:  containing a historical account of the public markets of the cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Brooklyn, with a brief description of every article of human food sold therein, the introduction of cattle in America, and notices of many remarkable specimens / by Thomas F. De Voe.  In two volumes, vol. I.  New York:  Printed for the author.  1862.  No second volume ever appeared, but in 1867 De Voe published a book called The market assistant…, which contains much of the intended information.

________.  “The public markets” in New York Daily Times, Jan. 23, 1855, p. 2.

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Department of Parks and Recreation –  Texts of historical signs and markers.

New York Public Library.  (  Maps of New York City in the digitized collection “American Shores: Maps of the Middle Atlantic Region to 1850”

OASIS (Open Accessible Space Information System for New York City)  Digitized aerial photographs (in color) and block-and-lot maps.  Site includes links to Department of Finance property data base and Department of Buildings Building Information System.

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