NYC Streets

Miller Plan

This important early map shows New York as it was in 1695. It is the sole source for some of the street names listed by Post and Stokes, but its labeling of some of these streets is probably incorrect. The plan was drawn by the Reverend John Miller, who had been chaplain to the city's British garrison. At the time, Britain and France were at war, and the plan showed the city's fortifications in detail On his return voyage to England Miller's ship was captured by French privateers. He had to throw all his original drawings and notes overboard to keep them from falling into enemy hands. Miller later covertly redrew the plan from memory in a French prison. It would not be surprising if, in doing so, he had misplaced a few street names. Miller labels the present William Street south of the Wall as Kings Street, although it was known before and after as Smith Street. Miller's Little Queen Street was known before and after as King Street. The street Miller labels as Smith Street is the one shown on later maps as Little Queen Street, the present Cedar Street.

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