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Generic Entries

Street Names

Union Court. (M-L19) A rear court on the east side of University Place between 11th and 12th Streets.
Union Market. (M-L19) At the intersection of East Houston and Second Streets, 1835 to after 1854.
Union Place (1) . (E-M19) In the original Commissionersí Plan of 1811, Broadway met the Bowery in an awkward triangle. It was called Union Place for the junction of those streets. By 1832 the triangle had been enlarged and was opened as Union Square. The former name continued to appear on maps for at least another decade.
Union Place (2) . (M-L19) By about 1850 this name was rarely used for Union Square but was applied to the part of Fourth Avenue opposite the park and as far north as 19th Street.
Union Road. (L18-E19) Ran from Skinner Road, in the block bounded by 11th and 12th Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues, northwest to the Southhampton Road at 15th Street and Seventh Avenue.
Union Street. (L18) A former name of Greene Street.
University Place. (M19) Union Square West was formerly a part of University Place. See also Wooster Street (1) and Jackson Avenue.
Upper Hudson Market. See Bear Market.
Upper Market. See Fly Market.
Upper Reade Street. (E19) The part of Reade Street east of Broadway.
Upper Robinson Street. See Robinson Street (1) and Lower Robinson Street.

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