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Street Names

Quay Street. (n.d.) According to Post, a former name of Water Street between Whitehall Slip and Coenties Slip.
Queen Street (1). (L17-L18) Now the south side of Hanover Square, from Old Slip to Wall Street; and Pearl Street from Wall Street to Park Row. When originally named in 1694 it referred to the street along the East River from the present Old Slip to about the present Fulton Street. As the roads northward were improved, the name was extended. By 1730, however, Queen Street between Old Slip and Wall Street had become part of Hanover Square. North of Wall Street, it kept the name Queen Street until 1794, when it was merged into Pearl Street. It was sometimes called Great Queen Street to distinguish it from Little Queen Street. See also below.
Queen Street (2). A name formerly used for what is now Cedar Street. It was more often called Little Queen Street(1), to distinguish it from Queen Street (1), above.
Queen Street Wharf. (n.d.) Water Street between Whitehall Street and Coenties Slip.
Queensboro Bridge Market. (E-M20) Located under the approach span of the Queensboro Bridge on 59th Street between between First and Second Avenues. Also known as the 59th Street Market and the Midtown Municipal Market.
Quick Street (1). (L18-E19) In the Stuyvesant Farm Grid, the third street south of and parallel to Stuyvesant Street.
Quick Street (2). (n.d.) According to Post, a former name of East Broadway.

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