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Generic Entries

 Numbered Streets.

Street Names

Naegle Avenue. An old spelling of the present Nagle Avenue.
Nathan Davis Place. (E-M20) Mount Morris Park West was renamed Nathan Davis Place in 1923. The name was changed back to Mount Morris Park West in 1935.
Neilson Place. (M-L19) A former name for Mercer Street between Waverly Place and East 8th Street.
Nelson's Alley. (E19) An alley running from Madison to Monroe Streets, east of Catharine Street. Precise location not given.
Neutral Alley. (E19) Mentioned in Minutes of the Common Council in 1815 as intersecting Henry Street. Precise location not given.
New Avenue. (L19) Became Manhattan Avenue circa 1890.
New Avenue East (1). (M19) The street along the east side of Marcus Garvey Park was so called before Madison Avenue was extended that far north. It is now Madison Avenue from East 120th to 124th Streets.
New Avenue East (2). (L19) So called by 1884. Became Bradhurst Avenue about 1890.
New Avenue West. (L19) So called by 1884. Became Edgecombe Avenue about 1890.
New Batavia Street. See Batavia Street.
New Bowery. ( M19-M20) Opened in 1856. Renamed St James Place in 1947.
New Canal Street. (M19) According to Post, a former name for Canal Street between Baxter and Division Streets. This stretch, which had been part of Walker Street, was merged into Canal Street in 1855.
New Chambers Street. (M19-M20) Opened from Park Row to James Slip in 1855. It was eliminated by a series of demappings from 1947 to 1966, mainly for the Alfred E Smith Houses and the present Police Headquarters.
New Chapple Street. Listed by Post. No location given. This may be Chapel Street (1) since Chapel Street (2) is slightly earlier.
New Church Street. (L19) A name used from 1869 to about 1900 for what had been, and is again, Trinity Place. See Church Street (1).
New Dock, The. (L17) An early name for the Great Dock.
New Dutch Church Street. (L18) An alternate name for Crown Street, now Liberty Street, reported by du Simitière in 1767.
New English Church Street. (M18) Mentioned in 1759. Probably Beekman Street. See Chapel Street (2).
New Market Slip. (n.d.) A former name of Catherine Slip.
New Market Street. See Florence Place.
New Market Wharf. (E19) Foot of Spring Street.
New Ninth Avenue. (L19) Briefly a name for what is now Convent Avenue north of 138th Street.
New Road. (E19) Mentioned in the Minutes of the Common Council for 1825. Probably the same as Harlem Bridge Road.
New Slip. See James Slip.
New Street (1) (n. d.) A former name of Nassau Street, per Post.
New Street (2) (n. d.) A former name of Staple Street, per Post.
New York Lane. (E18) An alternate name for the Bowery Lane, considered from the north.
Newton's Dock. (E19) Between Beach and Hubert Streets.
Nicholas Street. (M18-E19) Also called Saint Nicholas Street, it ran from the Bowery west to the present line of Centre Street. About 1800, it became part of Pump Street, which was later merged into Walker Street. The former Nicholas Street is now Canal Street from the Bowery to Baxter Street and Walker Street from Baxter to Centre Streets.
Nicholas William Street. (L18-E19) In the Stuyvesant Farm Grid, the first street south of and parallel to Stuyvesant Street.
Nichols Place. (L19-E20) Ran southwest from Prescott Avenue to a dead end at about the line of Academy Street. It is now within Inwood Hill Park.
Niew or Nieuwe Straet. (L17-M18) Dutch renderings of New Street. The latter spelling is on Selyns list.
Ninth Avenue. (part) In 1868, bowing to the realities of Manhattan’s topography, Ninth Avenue was closed from 110th to 116th Streets and from 127th to 145th Streets. In 1890, Ninth Avenue from 59th to 127th Streets was renamed Columbus Avenue, but further changes were made north of 110th Street. The former Ninth Avenue is now Morningside Avenue from 116th to 126th Streets; Saint Nicholas Avenue from 145th to 149th Streets; and Saint Nicholas Place from 149th to 155th Streets. Ninth Avenue north of Sherman’s Creek was also called Columbus Avenue circa 1900. The part from 208th to 215th Streets was closed in 1926.
North Henry Street. .(E19).. Probably the Henry Street in Greenwich Village, now Perry Street.
North Street. (L18-E19) Now East Houston Street from Broadway to the East River In 1833 it was merged into Houston Street (1), which was divided into the present East and West Houston Streets in 1858.
North William Street. (M19-M20) A block-long street that continued the direct line of William Street from Frankfort Street to Park Row. It was opened in 1849 and eliminated in 1953. Stokes errs in identifying this as the northerly part of William Street that was formerly King George Street.
Northern Avenue. (E-M20) Renamed Cabrini Boulevard in 1938.
Nutter's Lane. (E19) Mentioned in the minutes of the Common Council for 11 April 1825 in connection with the "working" of Eighth Avenue. From the context, this was probably the lane (visible on the Randel Farm Map) from the present Central Park West at about 109th Street to the Valentine Nutter farmstead, which was just south of 110th Street on the line of Sixth Avenue.
Nyack Place. (M-L19) A rear court with four houses in the block bounded by Bank, Bethune, Washington and West Streets.

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