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Generic Entries

Street Names

Jackson Avenue. (M19) Wooster Street from Waverly Place north to Union Square was changed to Jackson Avenue in 1833. Three years later it was renamed University Place.
Jackson Place. (M-L19) Rear of No. 16 Downing Street between Bleecker and Bedford Streets. See Downing Place.
Jackson Square. (n.d.) According to Post, Jackson Street between Water and South Streets.
Jackson's Wharf (1). (E19) Between Maiden Lane and Fletcher Street.
Jackson's Wharf (2). (L18) Foot of Fletcher Street, north side.
Jacob Street. (L18-M20) Formerly ran from Ferry Street to Frankfort Street between Cliff and Gold Streets. It was demapped about 1966 for the Southbridge Towers housing development.
James Alley. (L19) Ran from Cherry to South Street between James Street and Oliver Street..
James Slip. (L18-M20) Ran from Cherry to South Streets at the foot of James Street. Filled by 1836 but retained the name James Slip. Demapped about 1947 for the Alfred E. Smith Houses.
James Street. The part from Madison to Cherry Street was demapped about 1947 for the Alfred E. Smith Houses.
Janeway's Wharf. (E19) Foot of Grand Street.
Jansen Place. (L19-E20) The former name of Adrian Avenue in Marble Hill. It was changed in 1912.
Jarvis's Parade. (L18) A term for the west side of Broadway between Trinity Church and St. Paul�s Chapel.
Jauncey Court. (M-L19) Seven buildings arranged around a court at 37-41 Wall Street. They were completed in 1849 and demolished about 1900.
Jauncey Lane. See Apthorp’s Lane.
Jeannette Park. (L19-L20) Laid out in 1884 in the filled-in portion of Coenties Slip between Front and South Streets. Named for the ship of the ill-fated 1879 De Long Expedition to the Arctic. The ship was named for the younger sister of the expedition's sponsor, publisher James Gordon Bennett, Jr. The park was renamed Vietnam Veterans Plaza in 1982.
Jefferson Market. (E19-E20) At Greenwich and Sixth Avenues. Opened in 1833 and closed in the 1920s.
Jersey Street. (E19) A street laid out on the Glass House Farm. It ran from Moses Street, between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, to Tulip Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, just north of, and at a slight angle to, the present West 33rd Street.
Jews' Alley (1) or Jew Street. (E-L18) Former names for South William Street, location of New York's first synagogue.
Jews' Alley (2). (E19) See Gibb's Alley.
Johnson's Row. (M-L19) Part of West 15th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues.
Jones Alley (1). See Cross Lane and Shinbone Alley.
Jones Alley (2). See Jones Lane.
Jones Court. (M19) Formerly at the rear of 60-62 Wall Street.
Jones Lane. (E19-M20) Ran from Front to South Streets between Gouverneur Lane and Wall Street. It was demapped in 1966.
Jones Street. (E-M19) Now Great Jones Street.
Jones Wharf. (L18) At the foot of Wall Street, at what was then the southwest side of Coffee House Slip. [Part?] incorporated into Front Street circa 1793.
Judith Street (1). (M-L18) About 1767, this was the name of the present Grand Street between the Bowery and Centre Street. . By 1797 the street had been extended west to Broadway and renamed Ann(e) Street (2). It was merged into Grand Street by 1803. See also Meadow Street.
Judith Street (2). (L18-E19) In the Stuyvesant Farm Grid, the first street east of the Bowery.
Judson Place. (E20) Thompson Street from West 3rd to West 4th Street.
Juffrouw's Valley. (M17) An early name for what is now Maiden Lane. A juffrouw in Dutch is an unmarried young woman, though not necessarily a maiden.

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