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Street Names

Indian Road. (part) So named in 1911, it originally ran from Broadway at 221st Street west and south to 218th Street. The name was later extended farther south to what had been Isham Street between 215th and 218th Streets. Indian Road north of 218th Street became part of Columbia University's Baker Field property in the early 1920s.
Inns of the Court. (M19) A court entered from 27 Beekman Street between Nassau and William Streets.
Inwood Street. (L19) Renamed Dyckman Street in 1888.
Irish Street. (n.d.) Listed by Post with no location given.
Isham Street. (part) The present Isham Sreet runs from Broadway at 211th Street west to Seaman Avenue. As laid out about 1870, Isham Street continued, curving north through and beyond what is now Isham Park to Spuyten Duyvil Creek. About 1890 it was extended, curving east along the south side of the U.S. Ship Canal to rejoin Broadway opposite 221st Street. In 1911, Isham Street north of Isham Park was renamed Indian Road.

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